Issue Table of Contents

Volume 3, Issue 2

Composer: Sharing Wider
Larry Garfield
The isolated PHP community has long been the very antithesis of the Drupal collaborative culture. But now, this outgrowth of Symfony promises to change all that.
Load Testing
Jeff Sheltren
Excerpted from the book High Performance Drupal, Jeff discusses the methods and applications of performing load tests – the when, the why, and the how.
Drupal 8 Modules
Karoly (Chx) Negyesi
The pieces of Drupal 8’s puzzle will be entirely new (and perhaps puzzling) to Drupal developers; ChX guides you through the development patterns you’ll need.
Drupal Static Caching
James Meickle
Optimize away slow code; don’t miss easy opportunities to leverage static caching in your custom modules.
Drupal 7 Form Building
Michael J. Ross
Ah, the humble but essential webform; here are two different strategies – Drupal modules and Webform – that ably support the development of capable forms.
Drush: The Swiss Army Knife for Drupal
Jeremy Rasmussen
In Part II of the series, Jeremy offers up a tool-chest of useful gizmos and gadgets, right out of the box.
Lessons Learned from the Security Breach
Holly Ross
The Drupal Association’s Executive Director explains what went wrong, what was done to fix it, and what’s being done to prevent a future occurrence.
Drupal 7 Content Types from Code
Michael J. Ross
You say you want to automate your content types, reduce the tedium and errors, and expand your module-writing capabilities? Read on.
Caffeinated Drupal
Jeff Sheltren
Nothing goes better with implementing Memcache – in a few easy steps – than a single-origin espresso brewed from an El Salvador Finca Matalapa Bourbon.
Testing, Testing, One... Two... Three...
Melissa Anderson
Providing a Drupal-specific functional testing framework is part and parcel of the community’s commitment to cooperation and sharing.
Baby Steps
Ron Brawer
The first episode of Baby Steps, a screenplay-in-progress, in which a Drupal neophyte begins The Hero’s Journey – creating a Drupal website.
The Angry Themer
Morten DK
Mothership, Magic, Display suite, and more: Lower your blood pressure by cleaning out Drupal’s vein-clogging approach to markup.
Drupal In Context
Tom Geller
People who can’t code, unite! Here are a few quick tricks to make it as good as it gets — without custom programming.