Drupal's Only Dedicated Print Magazine

In 2011, with the Drupal universe rapidly expanding, many in the community voiced the need for a Drupal clearing-house – a technical journal dedicated to sharing news and information within the open source Drupal community while also growing the community and expanding its marketplace.

To fill that need, Drupal Watchdog was founded.

Since then, the magazine has grown to an annual circulation of 15,000. It is now published bi-annually; sold online (Amazon), at Barnes & Noble and other retail outlets and newsstands throughout the U.S.; and by subscription. It is also distributed to thousands of Drupal fanatics at DrupalCons, Camps, and Summits around the world throughout the year.

While the Watchdog is written primarily by Drupal experts who have made significant contributions to Drupal core, our target readership is not exclusively old-hat Drupalists; there are also articles geared for newbies and even for those merely Drupal-curious.

Past and ongoing contributors include Dries Buytaert (Drupal creator and lead maintainer), Holly Ross (Executive Director, the Drupal Association) and such Drupal luminaries as Nat Catchpole (Drupal 8 branch maintainer), Larry Garfield, and Angie Byron.

Our advertisers alone comprise a significant guidepost to the major commercial enterprises in the Drupal galaxy.