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Drupal Installation Profiles


Installation ProfilesDrupal Installation Profiles give developers a way to pre-package Drupal sites for mass distribution. Installation profiles are available that let you launch a full-featured community in a matter of minutes.

One of the currently available profiles lays the foundation for an eCommerce site with a few mouse clicks; another gets you up and running with a top-of-the line news site before you can say, "stop the presses."

Installing via an Installation Profile is also a great way to see how other developers are building (and theming) complex solutions using Drupal.

A great way to learn Drupal is to install a distribution and then take a peek at the list of enabled modules and the contents of the sites/default/themes directory. It's fun to look for modules that are unfamiliar, or are being used in new or interesting ways.

Drupal 7

Here's a list of Drupal 7 installation profiles we found on (sorted by Most Installed). See also:

Commerce Kickstart -
Localized Drupal Distribution -
Demonstration Site Install Profile -
Drupal for Churches -
Media Development Profile -
Display Suite profile -
Feeds Test Site -
Designer Starter Kit -
Drupal with Admin Menu -
Omega Install Profile -
GrandFoo Install Profile -
eRecruiter -
Commerce Downloads -

Drupal 6

If you haven't made the jump to Drupal 7 yet, there are some very cool distributions available for D6 also. As of this writing, there were 53 installation profiles for D6 at

Here are a few more profiles that aren't listed on

Acquia Commons -
Conference Organizating Distribution (COD)
Open Atrium -
OpenPublish -