Welcome to DrupalCon - The Barcelona Edition

Ron Brawer

Did we have fun in Barcelona?
OMG, yes!

Did we eat all the tapas on the menu and wash them down with pitchers of sangria?
Yes indeed!

Did we meet a host of Drupalists, make new friends, network like crazy, and learn all kinds of Drupal stuff?
Yes-yes-yes and yes!

So now, relive the moment (or, if you missed it, see what it was like): the people, the places, the food, the whole DrupalCon Experience.

And, as a bonus: Are you thinking of attending DrupalCon Dublin (Sept. 26-30, 2016)? Need some convincing? Watch this video – and show it to your boss!

Thanks (in order of appearance):
Jeremy Andrews, Holly Ross, Rachel Friesen, Mikkel Mandel, Saket Kumar, Rakhi Mandania, Marja Doedens, Christian Wanscher, Verónica Vedia, Saran Raj, Shankey Thukral, Mudassar Ali, Kristof Vercruyssen, Cyrielle Charriere, Emmanuel Quedville, Fabian Franz, Jeff Sheltren, Dylan Clear, June Gregg, Mark Carver, Rudy Grigar, Amanda Gonser, Cathy Theys, Nancy Beers, David Archer, Sweta Shahi, Tony Williams, Steve Richards, Kate Marshalkina, Klaas Chielens, Kristof Van Tomme, Jared Smith, Antonella Severo, Hilmar Kári Hallbjörnsson, MortenDK, Anthony Lindsay, Stella Power.


Looks like you had a brilliant time! Wish I could have gone :(