DrupalCon Amsterdam Interview: The Drupal 9 Question

Ron Brawer

Taking advantage of the DrupalCon Amsterdam gathering of Drupal bigwigs – and in our eternal quest to quench our thirst for enlightenment, and thrust onwards into the future and deeper into the unknown – we corner some of those key Drupal players to ask the all-important question burning in everyone’s mind: When is Drupal 9 coming out?

Dries Buytaert (Drupal Creator and CTO & Co-Founder of Acquia): Nine?

MortenDK (Viking, geek Röyale): Oh! Ho-ho-ho!

Leslie Hawthorn (Director, Developer Relations, Elasticsearch): After Drupal 8.

Tom Erickson (CEO, Acquia): Drupal 9!

Michael Meyers (V.P. Large Scale Drupal, Acquia): I think that the real question is how fast can we accelerate the pace of innovation in the Drupal community and get to 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and I’m a lot less interested in Drupal 9 right now.

Holly Ross (Executive Director, Drupal Association): How much time have you got?

Bastian Widmer (Development and Operations Engineer, Amazee Labs): Let’s first finish Drupal 8.

Robert Vandenburg (President and CEO, Lingotek): When is Drupal 9 coming out? Never! When pigs fly!

Fabian Franz (Senior Performance Engineer, Technical Lead, Tag1 Consulting): I’m still thinking about Drupal 7.

Kieran Lal (Technical Director, Corporate Development, Acquia): I actually know the exact time... When it’s ready.