In Drupal 7 the Field API introduced the concept of swappable field storage. This means that field data can live in any kind of storage, for instance a NoSQL database like MongoDB, provided that a corresponding backend is enabled in the system.

Francesco Placella

PHP closures are pretty simple as they are barely more than syntactic sugar over the following:

class Something {
  function __construct($x) {
    $this->x = $x;
  function __invoke($y) {
    // Your closure here.


Károly (Chx) Négyesi

Thanks to the fantastic support of the Drupal community, 2014 was a terrific year for Drupal Watchdog. We published our first double-sized issue, put Drupal Watchdog on newsstands and in bookstores, and updated our website to better serve our readers.

Melissa Anderson

Part 3 in the Drupal 6 to 8 Upgrade Challenge examines the actual upgrade: what worked, what didn't, what needed patches.

Melissa Anderson

Having concluded the readiness assessment, we turn next to migrating the content and configuration. In reality, there’s little chance that we would migrate anything but the blogs from our old site. For the sake of giving Migrate in Core a workout with real conditions, however, we’re going to upgrade with core’s Migrate Drupal module rather than rebuilding.

Melissa Anderson

Nathaniel Catchpole , the Drupal 8 release maintainer and Tag1 Senior Performance Engineer, suggested that Drupal shops everywhere could support the release of Drupal 8 by upgrading their own sites and addressing the issues they find along the way.

Melissa Anderson

Travis-CI is a free-for-OSS continuous integration server, which has become very popular in the PHP world.

Fabian Franz

As Drupal Watchdog approaches its fifth year of publication, we’re sending out a call for contributions to our upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 issue. Guided by helpful feedback from our readers, I’m excited to announce that our next issue will be a Strategy Cookbook.

Jeremy Andrews

Today, my cover was blown.

If you came across this photo on your Facebook account or Twitter feed and you’ve been wondering – or furiously texting friends who were in Austin last month – “Is that really...?” or “Was he...” and “Did you meet him?”

Ron Brawer

The entertainment industry is not for the faint of heart.

Need I mention Alec Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Harvey Weinstein, the Kardashians, Christian Bale... and my very own doppelgänger, Howard Stern?

Ron Brawer