Download Drupal Watchdog Issue #2: Mobile Drupal

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Attendees of DrupalCon London can freely download a beta copy of Drupal Watchdog Issue #2. If you didn't attend the DrupalCon, reach out to friends or colleagues that did as they can use their Drupal Watchdog accounts to generate links links allowing you to download your own free copy!

The print edition will soon be available for purchase from (issue #1 can be found here), and an electronic edition will be available through Zinio around September 1st.

Issue #2 of Drupal Watchdog focuses on Mobile Drupal, and features articles by Earl Miles, Larry Garfield, Tom Geller, John Albin Wilkins, Matthew Farina, Patrick Teglia, Karoly “chx” Negyesi, J. Ayen Green, and many other contributing authors.